Three nights in Kathmandu was probably the right choice, we needed that time to get ourselves back together recover our bodies and minds. The mental and physical exhaustion are equal there was no way we could have flown back any sooner. It’s very difficult to explain life in Kathmandu for a country that’s religions are very quite and very peaceful the city is as manic as they come. All vehicles are right hand drive the same as at home but that’s we’re the similarity ends, we’re still not sure what side of the road they drive on. There seem to be motor bikes, taxis, rikshaws and buses with the occasional private car, horns are blown continuously not out of anger but to warn others their coming through regardless. We found a nice couple of bars and restaurants which we have frequented lunch times and evenings its been nice for some of us to eat meat after being vegetarians for two weeks. We’ve done the cultural bit as well visiting the Buddhist Temple at Swoyambhu a very peaceful experience. On this trip we’ve have got to known each other very well and some close relationships have formed, the father and son teams have used the time well to make their bonds even tighter. Tonight will be our final meal together in Kathmandu before we fly back tomorrow, over every meal we talk about something that happened on the way up or on the way down normally sprinkled with irony and laughter. This will be our last blog from the Himalayas so it’s a opportunity for each of us to enter our thoughts.

Jim Swinge: What a privilege and honour to have spent the past 3 weeks with an incredible determined, funny and so helpful group of friends. With out a doubt the most challenging trial of my life and made easier with the help and support of my friends. Is there time for one more challenge – canoes on the Congo?

Ian Angell: Great team great time great trekking, taken to the edge by you all. Thank you Jim for sharing your dream and thank you all for making it such a wonderful experience.

Dan Hurle: Very hard going at times physically and mentally but the amazing views and great time had by all more than made up for it a truly unforgettable trip and a £3000 diet,look forward to the next challenge.

Rob Pentecost: To some up in a word would be, emotional. Physically challenging and mentally exhausting. The views were breathtaking and that would be the same even if they had oxygen here! To share such a wonderful trip with such a great bunch of friends and family was truly wonderful.

Phil Pentecost: Amazing trip with an even more amazing group of people. A life changing experience that will stay with me forever. To have some of my family with me made it even more special. Such spectacular scenery in an absolutely magical part of the world.

Alan Milliner: Respect for the Nepalese people, especially in the mountains, they truly embrace the work ethos. I have shared something special with a group of men thrown together who achieved the target of reaching Kala Pattar. I miss my family and I have truly valued their support through the medium of the Internet. Amazing.

Beano: I was going to say”I’m a fish ” and then tell another really funny joke! BUT instead I’ll be a little serious. Thanks to all the Trekers and staff for an amazing adventure ,made new friends and old friends have been strong for me when the going got tough. Too many stories to tell here ,so I’ll save those for the pub. Love you Ginny Cara Thomas xx love Dad ( Beano) see you Sunday

Andy : This trip was far harder than anyone thought! Yet it was far more rewarding than any other trip anyone has been on. It goes to show what can be done! Had a great time with with all, looking forward to getting home with Sally, Peter and James see you Sunday.

Mike T: What a rare privilege to be a member of this extraordinary fellowship, what a rare privilege to share those poignant moments, what a rare privilege for a father to accomplish this endeavour with his son, what a rare privilege to discover something of the wonders of Nepal and its people.

Tom Swinge: I’m equal measure; the most rewarding and difficult thing I have ever done! Our group came together better than anyone expected and it was through the friendships and banter that enabled us all to pull through. I wouldn’t have changed this experience for the world and I look forward to the next drektrek venture. Thank you to all that have helped behind the scenes to help get this venture underway and all the love andencouragementsent from afar mid trek. Thanks safe journeys!

Will T: Such a fantastic adventure shared with a top group of guys. I will cherish the memories, relationships and sense of achievement. The team spirit and support from home has been incredible. Thanks so much to all that have made it happen.

Chris Pentecost: Difficult to sum up the passed few weeks in a couple sentences. A brilliant group of men from all backgrounds pulled together when needed. It’s been a physical, mental challenge and very emotional, I was luckily enough to share this experience with my father, uncle and cousin. Thank you for the support from our families and friends and mostly Loren :)) xoxoxoxo look forward to the next adventure.

Mike M: I will never be able to relate in words the awesome beauty of the Himalayas and the experiences that we have undergone. Without a team effort we would never have been able to summit Kala Pattar . Great bunch of guys who gave me support when needed and many thanks to Richard of Safe Journeys who drove us hard each day to meet our goal.

Steve P: After reading the personal statements from the guys above I find it very difficult to into words my feelings, all the sentiments and superlatives have been used. One mans dream was others men’s ambition and each and everyone of us has achieved their goal in one form or another. For some it was to get through the physical challenge others it was the mental challenge also, but with the help and strength of every Drek Trekker we succeeded. All of this would not have been possible with out the help of Richard our guide and mentor the Sherpas BB and Tenzing plus the various porters carrying our heavy bags. But most of all you at home, family, friends, partners and loved ones with out your support in the form of blogs and texts Kala Patar would have been twice as high.

On behalf of all the Drek Trek team thank you. ” nos in dime vivimus ” we live day by day

Steve and the Drek Trek Team cu dreckly.


  1. Ben says: November 23, 2012 • 15:45:50

    Congratulations to you all (with an extra back-patting to the Swinge’s) . I here the WAGS are planning the homecoming breakfast with Rommelesque military precision, entire porcine generations are shaking with fear, Cornish Butchers are planning their early retirements and hens are demanding a return to the good old days of battery powered laying. What I’m saying is, come home safe there’s a shit load of food.

  2. David Mahoney says: November 23, 2012 • 17:11:43

    Great last blog and really great to hear from everyone at the same time . Have a safe trip home .

  3. Gerry Aukett says: November 23, 2012 • 17:58:39

    Well Done. You luck B…….s. Gerry Aukett

  4. Marion Ince says: November 23, 2012 • 20:52:29

    Well done to you all !!!!! What a fantastic experience to look back on for years to come….just one request…….when you do your next trek would you please put the blog on an easier background for my poor old eyes to read it…..How about Killimanjero next ????? Marion xx

  5. Jan & Jill P says: November 23, 2012 • 21:33:26

    Lovely to read your personal statements, can´t wait to hear about it from you in person. See you Sunday. Lots of love XXXXXX

  6. Sally says: November 24, 2012 • 00:12:14

    We’re looking forward to having you home too Andy xxxxxxxx

  7. Carol & Dennis says: November 24, 2012 • 05:37:39

    Well done to you all. Thats got to be an experience that even the younger members like Tom will remember for the rest of their days.

    Love Cas & Den, speak next week (we are off to Jerusalem today and staying overnight there)

  8. Swinge says: November 24, 2012 • 07:22:16

    The WAGS have been very busy, apart from wining and dining in chique restaurants the Big Breakfast preparations are well on their way. The Treluckey Hens have been laying to order and there is now a national shortage of bacon and sausages ! So hope you guys are hungry. Happy Birthday Tom. So looking forward to tomorrow. Love you Jim and Tom xxxx

  9. Ginny Lean says: November 24, 2012 • 08:38:33

    Really loved reading your personal comments, It’s truly amazing to think that you have literally gone away as a group of men and that now you are coming back as a team with some of the best bonds and friendships you could wish for formed. I’m sure there is a much more clever analogy about going up mountains as boys and coming down men and I guess in a sense that is what you have experienced.
    Thank you Beano for not telling a joke and being sincere!
    Breakfast preparations are well underway as you have probably gathered, I hope you’re hungry (Don’t eat too much on the journey down!).
    Really excited about seeing you, Beano. Tom and Cara are super excited too.. I’s like Christmas!
    Hang in there for the last 24 hours of your magical mystery tour.
    See you Sunday.
    Over and out!
    Ginny xxx

  10. Charlotte milliner says: November 24, 2012 • 08:59:16

    Dear Daddy,
    Well done for working and achieving all of these goals. Not Many people can say that have been up a mountain, we all miss you so much and I am truly excited to see you tomorrow!!!!!!!! It’s funny at home though because when we bring Saffy indoors she always comes upstairs looking for you, obviously you have been gone for so long. These past few weeks have gone by so ever quickly and yes dad that is a good thing! Love you lots, well done everyone else for climbing Mount Everest xxx

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