In the afternoon of Day 2 we explored Swayambu Stupa, a huge Buddhist and Hindu Temple located on a hill within walking distance from our hotel.

Nepalese Temple

Group shot at local temple


  1. Bríd says: November 9, 2012 • 14:02:10

    Hi boys – good to see you are checking out the local temples – where Mikey?

    Hi sweetpea, hope you are good – almost the weekend – hurray!! Change of plan – Tracy’s has an ofsted type of inspection Monday – so she will be at school Sat and Sun – will have to find other stuff to do. Going to see Bond tonight with Roz and Ian – yes James Bond!! Miss you hun. Take care B xxxx

  2. says: November 9, 2012 • 14:57:36

    Now then, now then what a colourful group of exploreres. Are you going to celebrate with a cigar when you have completed the stroll?? Hope that you are all well and enjoying the experience. Take lots of photo’s and right back soon with up to date stoeries.

    Take care Pal

    Chris Spence

  3. Swinge says: November 9, 2012 • 15:25:36

    Hello all, great photo, glad to see you have been doing the cultural things! Hope the trekking is going well, you are all walking slowly and that you are coping with the altitude. Love to big Jim and Tom. Jo xxxxx

  4. Crilly says: November 10, 2012 • 08:51:25

    Hey Jim & Tom,
    Following you from Sydney…loving the blog & photos…keep em coming! Have fun xxx

  5. Ian Hambly says: November 10, 2012 • 10:18:17

    Hi Boys, glad everything is going well, looks fantastic.
    Pente…some bad news me ole mate, we have just found out you had a tab behind the bar!
    I’d stay out there if I were you
    Have a good one lads

  6. Linda and David Knight says: November 12, 2012 • 10:37:00

    Fantastic, have a great time and take care. Lots of love to Jim and Tom and all from the Knights

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