We set off from the little town and walked through the valley, the footpath cut into the hillside. We had some great views of the wild Thar (mountain goat) and a brief view of the beautiful Danphe pheasant. We passed the Tenzing Norgay memorial and encountered real Yak for the first time. They’re bigger, hairier and a little more intimidating when met head on next to a 100ft drop!
Today is a long day, we stopped for lunch after walking down to the river Imjekhola. From there it was a big push up to Tengboche. As we climbed the clouds came over and after walking in glorious sunshine we suddenly found ourselves in a flurry of snow. As the temperature dropped and the snow fall increased we turned a corner and there was the entrance to Tengboche. We walked through the Kani, a buddhist gateway and there, covered in snow was a beautiful monastery that was dominating the snow covered mountain village.
We arrived in our lodge and were pleased to be informed that the wood burner here is the warmest in the Khumbu! Time to warm up, write diaries, drink more tea and enjoyable lovely dinner with, I must add, a Japanese birthday party who were kind and generous enough to share their cake with the Drek trekkers!
An early start tomorrow as we’re off to morning prayer at the monastery.
Love to all.
Rob & the Drek Trekkers


  1. Jen Pentecost says: November 14, 2012 • 19:36:13

    It all sounds amazing cuz!! Keep safe and well all of you. Lots of love Jen, Jill, Brian, Ethan and Rory at Center Parcs!! Xxx

  2. Jan Pentecost says: November 14, 2012 • 21:51:51

    Well done lads, sounds like today has been a tough one!
    Amazing you have spotted so much of the wildlife. Enjoy the warmth of your lodge, sounds deservingly cosy.
    Thoughtful moments @ morning prayer for safe keeping,
    Have a good rest, love to all, Jan and the Pente’s xxxxxxxxx

  3. Ginny Lean says: November 16, 2012 • 17:55:46

    Hi dad its thomas we are really missing you at home and are glad to see that you are nearly at base camp dont forget about the little preasant i gave you for base camp

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