An early start saw the group congregating in the courtyard and discussing the pros and cons of a frozen western toilet vs a hole in the ground. We were accompanied on the steady climb by the canine resident of Tengboche Gueesthouse ever expectant of snacks on route. As we climbed we were rewarded with spectacular views along the valley and numerous sightings of mountain birds.The terrain has now become more barren with little more than juniper bushes surviving and magnificent snowy peaks looming all around us. Icicles hang from the banks beside the river and at times the ground underfoot was frozen over.
We arrived in Pangboche in time for an excellent lunch of yak Cheese toasties and potatoes and settled down in front of the flat screen TV for the afternoon! A chance to recharge the muscles for tomorrow’s climb, affectionately nicknamed ‘the little bugger’.
Best wishes to all back home from Will, Tom and the Drek Trekkers!


  1. Swinge says: November 14, 2012 • 17:00:34

    Good to read the update, cheese toasties and potatoes sounds good. Good luck with the climb tomorrow – sounds ominous! Well done lads, keep on trekking, love to you all but especially to Jim and Tom. Jo x

  2. Charlotte Milliner (LittleMill) says: November 14, 2012 • 21:09:33

    Hi daddy, I am sooooo proud of you for doing this and am looking forward to seeing you. I have seen all of the pictures, not a very good poser for the camera are you, he-he. I am missing you so much I can hardly breath if I think about you to deeply. What you are doing ( all of you ) Is truly incredible! Love you dad xxxxxx <3 xxxxxxxx.

  3. Christine Thompson says: November 14, 2012 • 22:15:33

    Mike told me that there is something about the Drektrek Adventure in the West Briton this week. Get one before they are all sold out!!
    Much Love to Mike and Will

  4. Maxine Milliner says: November 14, 2012 • 22:49:10

    Good luck with the next stage of your trek. An amazing effort by you all and what wonderful tales you will have to tell upon your return. Love to you all, big kiss to Mr Mill (Jim will you do the honours please?) LOL xxxxxxxx. Alan, Charlotte is really enjoying being able to follow you all and to know that you are safe – xxxxxxxx

  5. Rob Angell says: November 15, 2012 • 07:59:42

    Keep going all and digging deep. Sounds like todays agenda’s going to be a tough one so thoughts with you. I bet the views, people you meet and team spirit get you through.
    Hope all on good form, especially you Dad. Much love xx

  6. Gwen says: November 15, 2012 • 10:28:31

    Nearly there. Just two more days [hard!] walking to reach your goal – you can do it. Keep on treking. Good luck to everyone. Much love to Jerry x

  7. Baby beano says: November 18, 2012 • 21:19:54

    Hi dad it’s me Tom did you use my present if you did what did you think goog

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